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Jackelyn & Steven… Royal National Park, NSW

Driving through torrential rain on my way south for Jackelyn & Steven’s wedding I clearly remember wondering what the day would have in store. I remember thinking about how their day, set outside, deep in the Royal National Park would look. I had no idea how amazing it would be. No comprehension of what I would see, what I would feel. So many times I find myself thinking ‘how do I get something this incredible, with so much love, so much meaning, into my camera’. Every time I find myself doubting, or wondering how, I take a step back, look for what matters, think about what is going on, listen and shoot. Jackelyn & Steven’s day was mind blowing. With family flying in from all around the world, and all meeting together in a perfect clearing next to the river, with sandstone cliffs rising behind them, the weather broke. The skies cleared and we were left standing in awe of the incredible National Park, it’s beauty and the beauty of what we were experiencing. How special it was, wasn’t lost on anyone. Much more, it was savoured, enjoyed, remembered and so truly appreciated.

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