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Bec… 24 weeks

There are rare moments in life when time just seems to stand still and you find yourself feeling as though you are actually taking the time to look at what is happening around you, and absorb what’s going on, rather than just being carried along with it, at what seems to be an all too familiar frenetic pace… and last weekend, we had one of those days. Bec has been owed, for some time now (by me) a day of all things retro and vintage. A day to shop, wander, eat, relax, and connect. So on the weekend, with neither of our two little ‘energy factories’ in tow, we took some time out. We headed up to a favourite little novocastrian spot that we love, with the express intention of finding some great cafe fare, browsing shops for as long as was deemed necessary, maintaining un-interupted adult style conversation, and swimming in the sea. What resulted was a blissful day that seemed like it would never end… just what was needed to remind us that no matter how busy life may seem, no matter how carried away we can become with the day to day… it doesn’t take much to slow down a notch and relish in life’s experiences.

(note: bec is now 24 weeks pregnant with our third child… experiences as described above may well be few and far between from this point forward!)

Take a look…

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